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The Best AI Tool to Conduct Your Academic Research



Mushtaq Bilal, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern Denmark, recently tweeted that “ChatGPT will redefine the future of academic research. But most academics don’t know how to use it intelligently.”

Since the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), education and AI have been head-to-head and hand-in-hand. Sounds confusing? Let us explain.

There are two types of believers of AI. One thinks AI and academia go hand-in-hand; hence they help each other in the prospect of bettering the learner. The AI supporting party is backed by a valid statement that AI came into existence because of education, so why not let it also help the education learning process?

While the second group, which is primarily professors and teachers, firmly believes overusing or relying on AI makes the learner lazy and hurts academic integrity, for example, when they take help with proctored exams through an AI. While this point can be argued, it still is a reality. So, what should one do? Which group is on the correct path? Both, yes! Moderation is the key to achieving success, keeping academic integrity intact, and saving hours of labor of conducting research, sorting and filtering the relevant pieces of information. Compiling is a different process; thankfully, these AI tool can do that for you as well.

Let’s get into the list of the best AI tool to empower you to conduct relevant and to-the-point research.


It is used to create summary flashcards of any Word or PDF document, which are then exhibited in a well-ordered and straightforward way to understand. Scholarcy is a web-based summary tool that makes it easier to quickly assess and evaluate the relevance of documents like articles, reports, and book chapters.

Scholarcy is a platform that provides a range of services to its users. These services include automatic reference extraction, open-access source linking, figure, table, and picture extraction. Scholarcy, an online tool for academic research, has expanded its reach by introducing browser extensions for Chrome and Edge. These extensions allow users to connect to open-access repositories and generate a database of summary cards that the user can browse from any device.


If you ever have a scientific query, Consensus can help. So often, finding relevant research to your complex scientific questions is hard. Consensus is an innovative search engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to uncover solutions to scientific inquiries swiftly. In scientific research, peer review is a crucial step in ensuring the validity and reliability of findings. However, the process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. By utilizing advanced algorithms, AI can quickly scan through vast amounts of peer-reviewed research and extract the main conclusions from each study. This saves time and resources and allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the research landscape.


The user interface of this AI tool is the same as ChatGPT, as the resemblance of the name suggests. The usage of this tool is clear from its name. The user can make alterations to any PDF they own, including books, research papers, manuals, articles, and legal documents, without signing in. To understand PDF file content and offer relevant answers, ChatPDF employs a text-generation AI model identical to ChatGPT. This software generates an informative index for every paragraph in the PDF file before responding to user queries.

ChatPDF helps the user to rapidly extract info from large PDF files while saving valuable time when writing summaries or taking notes. It makes the process easy, like having a human conversation with a PDF document. However, ChatPDF can be inaccurate in understanding queries of more than a few words at once or fathoming the graphics in the PDF.


Assistant by Scite is a cutting-edge research tool that harnesses the power of AI to help users collaborate on essays and research papers. With this innovative tool, users can quickly uncover evidence to support their claims and even find evidence to refute them. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic, Assistant by Scite is the perfect tool to help you take your work to the next level.

As a researcher, you can now easily retrieve information from research publications by simply entering a few keywords. This feature allows you to obtain responses based on the complete texts of the publications. With the help of this application, users can easily access reliable information and craft impressive grant proposals or essay drafts by sifting through a vast collection of research articles.


This AI tool is a type of tool which helps in automating research procedures. It can pinpoint exact articles and remove relevant information without specific keyword matches. Elicit also enhance the user experience by providing them with research-related activities like brainstorming, summarizing, and text categorization, as well as summarising critical points from the text relevant to the user’s query. This simplifies the user’s research process and assists them in entirely using the research to reach their desired solution.


The online language editor and grammar checker Trinka AI was developed for use in scientific and scholarly writing. It is built to detect errors in subject-verb agreement, syntax, word choice, pronoun and article use, and technical spelling that conventional grammar checkers miss. Beyond primary language and spelling rules, it also considers things like style guides, a formal tone, the employment of technical terms, and succinctness. Trinka has read the best research from every discipline to provide readers with the most informed advice possible. The fields of biology, physics, economics, engineering, chemistry, geology, anthropology, sociology, and medicine can all benefit from it.


The online writing aid Grammarly is driven by artificial intelligence and can help users improve their writing. Immediately, it provides feedback on your writing’s punctuation, grammar, spelling, clarity, style, and tone. Grammarly works faultlessly with over 500,000 programs and websites across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It has various tools, such as a plagiarism detector and a checker for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, in addition to the essay checker and citation generator.

Anyone can use Grammarly: individuals, teams, businesses, and schools. It has different packages to meet people’s needs. Grammarly offers a variety of blogs, including a tech blog, an education blog, a business blog, and a developer blog, in addition to its other tools and services.


Unriddle is an AI program that simplifies complex documents so users can pose questions and receive immediate answers. Any document can be a dataset for Unriddle to train its AI. As a learning companion, this software helps students navigate challenging material and speed up learning. Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, Unriddle streamlines the information acquisition process for its users. Customers can view a demonstration of the app in action to learn more about its capabilities.


Due to its ease of manual execution, docalysis is an excellent solution for teams and time-pressed professionals with a mountain of documents to read but not enough time. Docalysis, an AI-driven tool, allows users to ask questions and receive immediate answers from their PDF files, eliminating the need to sift through them by hand. Docalysis users can feel safe uploading their papers and asking AI questions about the content. The program uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand the user’s questions and provide relevant answers based on the text provided.

Sharly AI

Sharly AI is a time-saving tools that uses generative AI to speed-read papers for busy professionals. To simplify laborious documents, it employs cutting-edge language models and NLP techniques. The system has the potential to save consumers as much as ten times as much time as they would spend searching for answers by hand. Using Sharly AI’s straightforward interface, customers may upload anything they want to learn more about, pose questions about it, and receive accurate responses.

After consulting with GPT, we found the tool was 95% accurate. The company emphasizes that it intends to use the tool to boost productivity, and the design prioritizes ease of use. Users can collaborate and receive comments from others by privately sharing their work. Sharly AI could be applied in various fields, including market research and financial reporting.


The world of AI is not limited to only these AI tools which can boost your research and overall academic experience, but these sure are the best among them. We hope this article helps you find multiple AI tools to help you in your educational journey. If you need any help with education or taking classes or exams on your behalf, feel free to contact