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Is AI Writing Tools Better than Online Class Helper?



Artificial Intelligence is the coming generation in technology, and it has made a significant breakthrough in creating and marketing content in a short period. After reading this, one must be thinking, what is the use left for humans in this regard? Do not worry; we will dive deep into this discussion about AI essay writing; This is what this article is about to prove.

These days submitting quality assignments on time has become a challenge because of tight schedules and work commitments traveling along with study duties. Students have started to take the help of AI writing tools to complete their assignments within their due dates. What started as tuition to help students with their studies has now taken over the entire assignment and homework completion industry.

Let us discuss how this AI software or tools work to create content and how they generate pre-written pieces for students, what are the pros and cons of using it, and what they are usually offering for the money.

How Free AI Essay Writer Tools Works?

Mostly all of the free AI writing tools operate like this. Our team has used many free AI writing tools, and the basic programming is the same in everyone we use, with differences being in the steps.

There is an option to upload a file or text, and the tool will rephrase or rewrite it for the user. In easy words, if the student already has the text that he/she wants to publish in his/her words, give the tool that text, and it will replace its wordings with synonyms of those words. It is done so that the article is plagiarism free.

People usually opt for this option when they admire someone’s work on the topic they have to write on. Alternatively, they have selected a niche topic because they read an article they liked and now want to emulate it on that article’s level.

The second option number of free AI tools provides starting a blog right from scratch, well, not necessarily. In that tool’s search bar, type the topic that needs to be written, and the tool will provide the user the pre-written paragraphs relating to that topic. Some of these tools have predefined templates of thousands of blogs available on the web from which they search. The user must select a para or almost 40 to 50% of the blog. Then the tool will rephrase the selected number of words and generate a written piece for the user specifically.

There are a few ways how the second option works. Either the user can start making some amendments to the article which that tool has generated for the user right on the spot, or him/her can select from more than one AI-generated article. Usually, there are three, but some tools generate more than that.

See what these AI tools have done to the worth of words? There was a time when a pen was considered mightier than a gun, and words were its bullets.

The user will have to construct his/her blog para by para if the user selects any of the two options. Why? Because the grammar and composition of these free AI tools differ from the standard. In fact, the richer the text is lesser the quality is.

No one should deliver it blindly, trusting these tools. Not only will it be rejected by whomever its audience is, but it will be laughed upon ridiculously. The mistakes and word choices are ridiculous. The battered writer will have to go through each of the articles by himself and either start making corrections manually or disregard that piece and look at other written drafts generated by the free AI, which will be much better than the first draft.

Wasn’t the effort and the time it takes the issue in the first place? If the writer still has to keep a check on everything, then what is the use of free AI? Still thinking it is better than writing the whole blog! Let us break it to anyone reading this article; it is not better. By the time the author correct and proofread the document and take note of the time. The writer will realize that putting an hour or two, he/she could have written the same thing, which would have been much better. However, something needs to be done because this checking has already eaten up the time.

After reading up until here, an argument arises that one can use a paid tool and eliminate these errors.

They are better than the free ones. Below is described how an AI writer works.

  • Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a sub-branch of AI technology that studies the generation and understanding of human language.
  • AI tools have a deep learning method of constructing a sentence based on a training data matrix.
  • These AI writing tools use a technology named ‘Transformer,’ also in cell phones. The Auto-complete feature present in cell phones is the smaller version of Transformers.
  • The transformer is a base for GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) and other languages.

One Benefit, Sure!

One of the most famous AI writing tools is JASPER AI. Everyone who is in the writing business knows about Jasper. One most prominent benefits of using Jasper is that the blogger can write long-form essays in a single go, and it can do it from the get-go.

Another benefit is that it can trace 600 characters of the already written text and construct the following content.

These services of Jasper, of course, come at a price. The free version is there to write only 5k characters, and the subscriber will have to pay 29 dollars per month for the starter pack and 59 dollars per month for the more advanced mode. It is too much if anyone is writing essays for his/her school or college. After paying this hefty amount from the user’s pocket money, think one is free to do other things than NO!

A human still requires editing; if it is a research paper, then fact-checking needs to be done too. Last but not least, learning needs to include. The student gets complacent, and the submitter can be exposed if a question is asked from the pre-written text.

A Better Way

Hiring online class help from trusted services like All Online Classes Hub is a much better and safer way to write essays. Because has a set of experts who have the much-needed experience to write essays. They go through extensive research material to make the essay unique.

Teachers and professors recognize if a draft is AI generated and the grading decreases no matter the content. Students can handle this when they hire an online course helper. Plus, it is cheaper too, as they have to pay just for that article and they will get the essay on whatever date they require, even on an urgent basis. Our professional writers have also delivered overnight projects, which seemed impossible to complete in less than 24 hours.