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How Many Attempts Can You Make at the Teas Exam


There are too many doubts surrounding the question how many times can you take the teas exam? This is a highly searched question, and so are the many answers. It does not mean every answer is reliable, and you can put your future at stake on these answers.

This blog is about educating you about the number of attempts you can make and what a TEAS exam is. Also, some other aspects revolve around reattempts of the TEAS exam.

But first, let’s establish what a TEAS exam is.

First, A Short Brief of the TEAS Exam

The Test examination The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) is the organization that administers this standardized test. Examinees’ basic academic skills in various areas are evaluated using the TEAS test to determine whether It evaluates the academic fundamentals a student should have acquired in secondary school. Many college programs, particularly those specializing in fields like nursing, will establish a particular TEAS exam passing score that must be achieved or surpassed to be accepted into the school and to continue with enrollment. Hence, individuals who wish to pass the TEAS examination as quickly as feasible should prepare for the test in the most in-depth manner possible. On the other hand, those who are unsuccessful on their initial attempt are allowed to retake the test. Many educational institutions stipulate that students must wait at least a month before sitting for another round of examinations.

The Content Covered on the TEAS Exam

The TEAS examination is divided into four topics, also known as content areas, to examine the candidates’ fundamental academic abilities. Each content category comprises several competencies, sometimes called sub-content areas, which will be evaluated. Moreover, your final score does not include a predetermined quantity of questions in each part. The TEAS examination evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the following subject areas: reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage.

Participants in the examination will be asked questions relating to the three sub-content areas of reading: Craft and Structure, Integration of Knowledge and Concepts, and Important Ideas and Details. Candidates are tested in two sub-content areas within the mathematics section: number and algebra, measurement, and data. In the Science curriculum area, test takers are evaluated on their knowledge of scientific reasoning and human anatomy and physiology, life sciences, and physical sciences. The last subject is English and Language Use. It assesses applicants’ knowledge of the conventions of Standard English, their knowledge of the language, and their ability to acquire new vocabulary.

What Is the Format of the TEAS Exam

There are a total of 170 questions on the TEAS examination. These are all multiple-choice questions, and you have four choices for each response. Participants in the exam will need to select the most appropriate response for each question. Participants will have 209 minutes (three hours and 29 minutes) to respond to all 170 questions in the examination. On the other hand, the TEAS test is broken up into multiple content areas, each with its unique number of questions and time limit. There are 53 questions to be answered throughout the allotted time for the Reading segment. The mathematics portion of the test consists of 36 questions and lasts 54 minutes. There are 63 minutes to answer 53 questions in the science portion. The English and Language Usage portion consists of 28 questions, each of which must be answered within 28 minutes.

So, Thinking About Applying to Take the TEAS Exam

Thinking but not knowing how to apply for the TEAS exam? This is the place where we tell you all about it. The registration process is the same when taking the TEAS for the first time or again. The steps for signing up to take an exam depend on how you intend to take it. Students can take the TEAS in four ways, depending on what their school allows.

  • Tests are proctored by ATI and taken online.
  • Proctored online by the school
  • Directly at the location of the institution
  • At a local PSI testing facility

Proctored by ATI

Checking your technological readiness is the first step in registering for ATI to proctor your TEAS exam online. The next step is for test-takers to sign up for the exam on the ATI website. A student must take the following steps after signing up: to identify themselves as either nursing or allied health candidates, search for and select their exam, test date, and hour, and then complete the payment process. The user must sign up for an ATI account if they do not already have one.

Proctored by the School

Candidates must verify they meet the technical requirements before registering to take the exam online at a proctored testing facility. Then, they’ll proceed through the same registration process as before, but this time they’ll indicate that they prefer to take the exam through a reputable online educational platform.

At a Physical Location

Individuals who choose to take their exams at a physical location must register for them on the ATI website and select the in-person option. They must select their school first to see the various test dates and hours. After settling on a test date, they will submit payment for the examination.

Local PSI Facility

Finally, test takers who choose to sit for their exams in person at a PSI testing facility will register on the ATI website but will schedule their exams with the PSI testing center.

The TEAS price will change depending on where you take the test and what options your school offers. First, test and retake fees are around the same, from $80 to $102. Exam proctoring and testing fees are common.

Let’s Finally Address the Elephant in The Room

If you ask, “How many times can I take the TEAS test?” your first step should be contacting your school directly. There is typically a cap on the number of times a candidate can retake the TEAS exam within a given time if they do not pass on their first try. School districts typically permit students to retake the TEAS examination twice or thrice during the testing year. There is a maximum number of times one can take a TEAS exam, regardless of format or location. Candidates wishing to enhance their TEAS score through multiple retakes should prepare in advance to meet all program deadlines and adhere to applicable waiting period restrictions.

Can You Make a Back-To-Back Attempt?

The answer to how soon you can repeat the TEAS exam varies from school to school. Many schools have you wait 30 days before giving you another shot at the TEAS. The test-taker must carefully plan for many attempts to meet the 2- or 3-retake limit imposed by the institution and any admissions deadlines.

Standardized test takers should provide at least six weeks to study for the big day. The TEAS test is time-limited; therefore, test-takers should register for the next available sitting a few days in advance.

Some Other Rules to Keep in Mind

In addition to the annual allotment of tries and the time between retakes, the TEAS retake policy includes rescheduling and attempt policies, which are recorded on the score transcript after an exam date has been purchased, whether for the first time or a retake, the test taker is not permitted to postpone the exam.

Hence, applicants need to be aware of any time constraints. Test takers need to know the number of times they have attempted the TEAS exam will be recorded on their official ATI TEAS transcript, which will be accessible to colleges and universities.

Some Info on How to Prepare for a TEAS Retake

About 40% of the candidates have to take a TEAS to retake. Some students start searching ‘tutor for teas exam near me’ when the exam date starts approaching near. is a reliable service if the student ever needs a tutor.

Candidates should study for at least six weeks before their first TEAS examination or retake. Test-takers should study for the exam during this period. Exam structure and commonly asked questions are available on the ATI website. ATI sells study programs. Test takers can access free TEAS exam information from other blogs and school websites. TEAS test takers should use textbooks, library books, and flashcards to study.


The educational institution one applies to determines the number of TEAS exam tries. After a month, people who don’t pass can retake the test. But, school regulations may limit exam retakes. For TEAS exam retake policies, contact the school directly. ATI’s TEAS exam assesses basic academic skills in reading, maths, science, and English and language usage. The 209-minute exam has 170 multiple-choice questions. The TEAS exam’s fee depends on the school’s location and alternatives. ATI, the school, or a local PSI testing center can proctor the TEAS exam.Top of Form